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Ambergate Home Learning – Upper School

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Support your child’s learning at home…

Please note, Ambergate’s Home Learning documents are sent directly to parents and carers via Parent Mail, Email or Post, as per parent/carer audit.

Upper School

Guidance on the use of Microsoft Teams:


You can also click on the ARK YouTube Channel to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how effective it can be in school and at home:


Home Learning Curriculum & Knowledge Maps

Upper Key Stage 3, 14-16, GCSE

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PE & Enrichment

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British Values

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Please click the image below to view UNICEF’s Article of the Week

Upper School Online Resources

Please use the links below to enhance your child’s learning from home:

Mixed subjects links
SEND links
Barefoot Computing
Kew Gardens
National Centre of Craft & Design
DT Challenges
Logo Challenge
Finger Knitting

Upper School Home Learning PE

Please click the links to enhance your child’s PE learning from home.
This can be any form of exercise… it could be a walk with the family or a Joe Wicks Workout at home.

Health & Fitness Log
Sporting Online Links
PE Home Plan 1
PE Home Plan 2