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Letters Home 2021/2022

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Letters Home 2021/2022

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St Andrews Belton House – 5th July

SAT’s Results – 5th July

Post 16 Transport – 5th July

16-19 Bursary Transport   – 5th July

Oval Belvoir Cricket – 5th July

Sandon Leavers Assembly – 5th July

KS3 Football Tournament – 1st July

Headlice Upper School – 1st July

Sandon Belvoir Cricket – 1st July

Ambergate Sports Day – 29th June

Ash Covid Cases – 27th June

Silverstone Bowling Trip – 22nd June

Sandon End of Year Report – 22nd June

Sandon End of Year Report Engagement Model – 22nd June

Sandon Sports Day – 21st June

Sandon Parent’s Evening Appointment – 20th June

D of E Expedition – 15th June

Lincolnshire Show – 15th June

School Transport Reminder – 13th June

Stamford Bridge Bowling – 10th June

Ambergate Parent Evenings – 9th June

Sandon Upcoming Key Dates – 8th June

Sandon Parent Evenings – 8th June

Sandon Options – 19th May

Ambergate Update – 19th May

Y11 Study Leave – 16th May

Cherry Class Trip – 11th May

Social Media – 11th May

CIT Consultation – 11th May

Key Dates rest of school– 10th May

Key Dates Y8, Y9 & Y10 – 10th May

Sandon Leavers – 10th May

Ambergate Leavers – 10th May

Sandon Jubilee Day – 9th May

ASC Survey – 9th May

Headlice Olympia – 28th April

Football v Priory – 26th April

Football v Foxfields – 26th April

SATs Participation – 1st April

SATs Non Participation – 1st April

IEPs – 31st March

PLIMs – 31st March

Henley Class Changes – 30th March

Stamford Bridge Close Contact – 23rd March

Froglife Belton Ascot – 21st March

Online Safety – 16th March

National Autism Acceptance Week – 14th March

Head Lice Leam – 14th March

Close contact Willow, Trent Bridge – 14th March

Secondary Age Daily LFT – 13th March

Close Contact As, Lea, St A, Ov – 13th March

Close Contact Wib/Wem – 11th March

Hampden Class Trip – 11th March

Olympia & Twickenham Closure – 11th March

Sickness & Diarrhoea – 10th March

Comic Relief – 10th March

Photography Exhibition – 10th March

Head Lice – 10th March

Covid Close Contacts – 9th March

Comic Relief– 9th March

Football v Foxfields – 8th March

D of E Pupil Letter – 7th March

D of E Parent/Carer Letter – 7th March

Table Cricket Tournament Sandon – 4th March

Grantham College Visit – 3rd March 

Table Cricket Tournament Ambergate – 3rd March 

CIT Covid Updated – 25th February 

Trent Bridge Class Trip – 23rd February 

Internet Safety – 23rd February 

World Book Day Sandon – 21st February 

World Book Day Ambergate – 21st February 

Olympia Class Change – 11th February 

Beech Class Change – 11th February 

Imps Class Change – 11th February 

Peterborough United Football Tickets– 9th February 

Football v Greenfields – 9th February 

Pear & Oak Consulation Outcome – 4th February 

Ambergate Class Moves – 4th February 

United Against Bullying – 3rd February 

Close Contact – Ash, Hospitality, Oval, Stamford Bridge – 3rd February 

Football v Woodlands – 1st February 

Wembley Close Contact – 1st February  

CIT – Ambergate Building – 27th January  

Horticulture Close Contact  – 25th January  

Pear Class Closure – 24th January  

Hospitality Close Contact – 24th January  

Post 16 Event Sandon – 19th January  

Post 16 Event Ambergate – 19th January  

Football V Woodlands – 17th January  

Ambergate Site Letter 2 – 17th January  

Ambergate Site – 16th January  

Sandon Hydro Pool Consultation Class Moves Ambergate – 12th January  

Sandon Hydro Pool Consultation Class Moves Sandon – 11th January  

Guinea Pig Leamington – 11th January  

Horse Riding Oval – 10th January  

Oak Close Contact – 7th January  

COVID Update – 4th January  

Sandon IEP’s – 16th December 

Sandon PLIM’s – 16th December 

Cherry Class Closure – 15th December 

Willow Class Closure – 15th December 

Beech Close Contact – 14th December 

MFL Timetable Change – 14th December 

New Guidance Daily Testing – 14th December 

Panto Refund Sandon – 14th December 

Cherry Close Contact – 14th December 

Panto Refund Ambergate – 13th December 

Twickenham, Hampden Close Contact – 13th December 

St Andrews Class Closure – 12th December 

St Andrews Class Move – 10th December 

Covid Cases Ambergate – 10th December 

Wimbledon Class Closure – 10th December 

Wimbledon Class Change – 10th December 

Leamington Class Change – 10th December 

Imps Class Change – 10th December 

Oval Class Change – 10th December 

Close Contact Wimbledon, St Andrews & Oak – 10th December 

Eco Christmas Fair – 9th December 

COVID Testing – 9th December 

COVID Close Contact: Leamington, Wembley, Silverstone – 8th December 

COVID Changes CIT – 30th Nov 

Hospitality Close Contact – 18th Nov 

Froglife Belton House Ascot – 18th Nov 

Wembley Visit Supermarket – 16th Nov 

Elite 11 – 16th Nov 

Football Match Greenfields– 16th Nov 

Covid Close Contact– 15th Nov 

Football Match Priory – 12th Nov 

Oval Positive Case – 12th Nov 

Christmas Photo Studio – 12th Nov 

Beech Positive Case – 11th Nov 

NCS Update – 5th Nov 

Children in Need – 4th Nov 

Pine COVID Case – 2nd Nov 

Parent Governor Election – 22nd Oct

NCS Sandon Postponed – 22nd Oct

Covid – 19 Testing – 22nd Oct

Olympia Class Change – 22nd Oct

Leamington Class Change – 22nd Oct

Silverstone PE Day – 22nd Oct

Trent Bridge PE Day – 22nd Oct

Henley Class Closure – 17th Oct

Oval Class Closure – 17th Oct

Olympia Class Closure – 17th Oct

Beech Class Closure – 17th Oct

Positive Cases GANF – 17th Oct

Pear Harness/Reins – 15th Oct

Rotary Shoe Box Appeal – 15th Oct

Ash & Hospitality Positive Case – 11th Oct

Football v Foxfields – 5th Oct

NCS Sandon – 1st Oct

Parent Pledge Letter  – 30th Sept

Sandon Post 16 Event  – 30th Sept

Hampden Swimming  – 29th Sept

Post 16 evening Parent/Carer  – 22nd Sept

Wembley Class Swimming – 17th Sept

Ascot Froglife  – 19th Sept

RSE Consent Sandon – 16th Sept

Communication Passports Sandon – 16th Sept

Independent Travel Training – 14th Sept

Communication Passports Imps – 14th Sept

Hospitality College – 10th Sept

Horticulture College – 10th Sept

Oak Class Swimming – 9th Sept

Cherry Class Swimming – 9th Sept

Oval Horse Riding – 9th Sept

Welcome Back to GANF – 3rd Sept

Sharepoint – 25th Aug