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Letters Home 2022/2023

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Letters Home 2022/2023

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Threadworm – 14th July

Ambergate RSE – 14th July

Hampden Twinlakes – 11th July

Polar Bears Little Jacks Visit – 2nd July

Sandon Bingham School Visit – 2nd July

Sandon Sports Day – 2nd July

Sandon Leavers Prom – 2nd July

Sandon Leavers Assembly – 2nd July

Sandon  NEU Strike – 2nd July

Penguins & Dolphins Swimming – 2nd July

Ambergate NEU Strike – 27th June

Ambergate Upcoming Key Dates – 23rd June

Ambergate Belvoir Cricket Trip – 20th June

Windmill STEM – 20th June

Wembley STEM – 20th June

EYFS Headlice – 19th June

Ambergate Non Uniform Day – 18th June

Sandon Wicksteed Park – 15th June

Sandon Lincolnshire Show Set up – 15th June

Sandon Lincolnshire Show – 15th June

Summer Reading Challenge – 13th June

Penguins & Dolphins Sports Day  – 8th June

Ambergate Upper Sports Day – 8th June

Ambergate Lower Sports Day – 8th June

Sparks Engineering – 7th June

Doctor Doctor Performance – 6th June

Wembley McDonalds – 6th June

EYFS Head Lice  – 6th June

Hampden Horseriding – 5th June

Ambergate Options – 26th May

EYFS Head Lice – 19th May

Tom Palmer Author Visit – 19th May

Wembley Science Experiement – 18th May

Ambergate Upper School Headlice – 16th May

Ambergate Leavers Update – 16th May

Ambergate Uniform Expectations – 12th May

Ambergate OFSTED – 11th May

Year 11 Study Leave – 2nd May

Oval Class Trip – 25th April 

Sandon Ofsted  – 24th April 

Sandon School Inspection – 24th April 

Sandon Street Party – 24th April 

Sandon Parent Evening – 24th April 

Sandon Parent Mail – 24th April 

Ambergate Leavers – 24th April 

D of E Expeditions – 24th April 

D of E Training – 24th April 

Sandon Hospitality Changes – 21st April 

Sandon Personal Targets – 20th April

Sandon PLIMs – 20th April

Sandon Post 16 Evening – 20th April 

SATs Non Participant – 30th March 

SATs – 19th April

Wimbledon Highfields Park Trip – 17th April

Play Like the Pride – 30th March 

Sandon Diversity – 30th March 

Dolphins Little Jacks Farm Trip – 29th March 

Oval Beaumanor – 29th March 

Wembley Beaumanor – 29th March 

Silverstone Beaumanor – 29th March 

Aintree Beaumanor – 29th March 

Ambergate PLIMs – 29th March 

Polar Bears Staff – 27th March 

Ambergate Intimate Care – 27th March 

Sandon Autism Acceptance Week – 22nd March 

Sandon GAS – 20th March 

Beaumanor Hospitality Trip – 20th March 

Beaumanor Horticulture Trip – 20th March 

Aintree Stonehurst Farm Trip – 20th March 

Ambergate Hill Holt Day – 15th March 

Sandon Comic Relief – 15th March 

Ambergate 3rd & 4th Strike – 12th March 

Ambergate Comic Relief – 1st March 

Horticulture Class Changes – 1st March 

Sandon Reading for Pleasure – 1st March 

Ambergate Theatre Trip – 1st March 

Ambergate Construction Day –  28th February 

Aintree Beaumanor –  28th February 

Silverstone Beaumanor –  28th February 

Wembley Beaumanor –  28th February 

Oval Beaumanor –  28th February 

Ambergate Red Riding Hood Performance –  28th February 

Sandon World Book Day –  28th February 

Ambergate Strike –  27th February 

Sandon Strike –  24th February 

Oval RSPCA Class Trip –  24th February 

Sandon PLIM’s –  24th February 

Table Top Cricket  –  24th February 

Hospitality Beaumanor –  24th February 

Horticulture Beaumanor –  24th February 

Henley Changes –  9th February 

Olympia Changes –  9th February 

Ascot Changes –  9th February 

Aintree Changes –  9th February 

Leamington Changes –  9th February 

Penguins Changes –  9th February 

Horticulture Changes –  5th February 

Mental Health Week –  2nd February 

Hospitality Trip –  2nd February 

World Book Day –  2nd February 

Exam Access Arrangements –2nd February

Ambergate Strike –  31st January

Sandon Strike –  27th January

Hydro Pine –  27th January

Internet Use –  24th January

Sandon Update –  23rd January

Sandon Severe Weather –  23rd January

Play Like the Pride –  18th January

Ambergate Strike Action –  18th January

Ambergate Severe Weather –  18th January

Swimarathon –  17th January

Anti Bullying Alliance –  16th January

Oval Yorkshire Wildlife Park –  12th January

Silverstone Aerozone –  12th January

GCSE Information Event –  12th January

Silverstone Aerozone –  12th January

Headlice Pine –  9th January

GCSE Contingency Day –  4th January

Sandon Personal Targets –  4th January

Sandon PLIMs –  4th January

Hampden Horse Riding –  3rd January

Polar Bears Temporary Change –  18th December

Ash Class Changes –  12th December

Severe Weather Plan –  12th December

Ambergate Leadership –  9th December

Mrs Rounds –  9th January

Strep A –  9th December

Ambergate Santa Visit –  6th December

Sandon Christmas Cards –  5th December

Primary Block Christmas Performance –  5th December

Ambergate Informal Class Change –  5th December 

Ambergate Formal Class Change –  5th December

Ambergate Semi Formal Class Change –  5th December

Ambergate Pantomime –  4th December

Sandon Christmas Activities –  4th December

GCSE Mock Exams –  4th December 

Sandon Reading –  1st December

Sandon Christmas Performance –  27th November

Ambergate Christmas Performance –  27th November

Sandon Pantomime –  25th November

Sandon Christmas Festivities –  25th November

Ambergate Christmas Festivities –  24th November

Sandon Parents Evening –  22nd November

EYFS Class Trip –  18th November

Sandon School Priorities –  16th November

Sandon Anti Bullying –  11th November

Children in Need –  9th November

Photography Christmas Studio –  8th November

Ambergate Parent Evening –  3rd November

Oval National Space Centre –  3rd November

NHS Talk –  3rd November

Leamington Little Jacks –  18th October

Internet Use & Self Harm –  14th October

Headlice Lower School – 14th October

BTech Gym 3rd Visit – 7th October

Post 16 Event – 6th October

Lincoln Castle Silverstone – 6th October

Walkers Gate – 6th October

Harvest – 6th October

Phonics & Communication Sandon – 3rd October

OVAL Guinea Pig – 28th September

Pure Gym BTEC – 28th September

PLIMs Ambergate – 26th September

Football V Woodlands 2nd – 26th September

Sports Fixtures/Competitions – 26th September

Pure Gym BTEC 4– 22nd September

East Midlands Airport – 22nd September

Horticulture Grantham College – 21st September

Online Safety – 20th September

Trent Bridge Head Lice – 17th September

Football v Woodlands – 16th September

Hospitality Grantham College – 16th September

Ambergate Construction Day – 15th September

Access Exam Scripts – 14th September

Sandon Behaviour Plans – 13th September

Construction Day Hospitality – 12th September

Construction Day Horticulture – 12th September

Communication Passports EYFS – 12th September

EYFS Reins – 9th September

Horse Riding Old Trafford – 9th September

Swimming Oval & Wembley – 9th September

Designated Safeguarding Lead – 8th September

Sandon IEPs – 8th September

Sandon PLIMs – 8th September

Sandon Horse Riding – 8th September

RSE Ambergate – 7th September

RSE Sandon – 10th August

Sharepoint – 10th August

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