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Letters Home 2020/2021

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Letters Home 2020/2021

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PLIM’s Sandon – 19th July

IEP’s Sandon – 19th July

LFT Consent New Year 7’s – 19th July

Ambergate School Closure Letter 2 – 16th July

Ambergate School Closure – 14th July

Ambergate Upper School – 9th July

Ambergate Lower School Sports Day – 9th July

Belvoir Activity Day – Ambergate – 8th July

England Semi Final Sandon – 6th July

England Semi Final Ambergate – 6th July

Exam (Non GCSE) Results – 6th July

RSE Consent – 6th July

Ascot Bubble Closure – 6th July

Sandon Sports Day – 1st July

Evidence for Learning – 1st July

Unicef Day – 30th June

16 – 19 Transport – 30th June

16 – 19 Bursary – 30th June

End of Year Reports – 28th June

Belvoir Activity Day – Sandon – 25th June

Options – 24th June

School Photos – 14th June

Twickenham Class Changes – 28th May

Wembley Class Changes – 28th May

Oval Class Changes – 28th May

Ambergate Tutor Groups – 28th May

Team Session – 27th May

Single Case – 27th May

Close Contact – 27th May

Evidence for Learning – 25th May

Oval Guinea Pig Visit – 24th May

Trent Bridge Dog Visit – 21st May

Ambergate Leavers Date – 18th May

Leavers Hoodies – 13th May

Functional Skills Tests– 11th May

GCSE Information Evening – 11th May

Mental Health Awareness Week – 7th May

Harmful Websites – 5th May

Ambergate LFT – 29th March

Sandon LFT – 29th March

Sandon IEP’s – 29th March

Sandon PLIM’s 29th March

GCSE Assessment – 29th March

Sandon Options Evening – 26th March

Sandon Virtual Easter Art Gallery – 22nd March

Head Lice – 15th March

Comic Relief GANF – 11th March

+ Pay Parent Mail Sandon – 10th March

Headlice Sandon – 9th March

Twickenham Class Return to School – 3rd March

Twickenham Class Changes – 2nd March

Stamford Bridge Class Changes – 2nd March

Oval Class Changes – 2nd March

Leamington Class Changes – 2nd March

Imps Class Changes – 2nd March

Return on 8th March Ambergate – 1st March

Return on 8th March Sandon – 1st March

+Pay Parent Mail Ambergate – 1st March

World Book Day Ambergate – 1st March

World Book Day Sandon – 26th Feb

Hampden, Oval, Wembley Return – 25th Feb

Stamford Bridge, Silverstone Return – 25th Feb

Sandon Return March – 25th Feb

Letter from CEO of CIT – 4th Feb 

Letter from Executive Headteacher – 3rd Feb

Sandon Bubble Return 8th Feb – 28th January 

Sandon Bubble Return 1st Feb – 28th January 

Sandon Return to School – 28th January 

Chicken Pox – 28th January 

Sandon School Remains Closed – 22nd January 

Sandon School Closure – 19th January 

Case at Sandon – 18th January 

Close Contact Sandon – 18th January 

TEAMS Instructions – 11th January

COVID Testing – 8th January 

Ambergate Return New Term – 31st December

Sandon Return New Term – 31st December

Christmas Information – 17th December

Leamington Staff change – 17th December 

Silverstone Staff Change – 17th December 

Trent Bridge Staff Change – 17th December 

Hampden Staff Change – 17th December 

Wimbledon Staff change – 17th December 

Oval Staff Change – 17th December

Imps Staff Change – 17th December

IEP’s – 15th December

PLIMS – 15th December 

Headlice – 10th December 

Attendance Letter – 8th December 

Parent Appointment Letter Ambergate – 3rd December

Christmas at Ambergate – 3rd December

Christmas at Sandon – 3rd December 

Covid Update Sandon – 3rd December

Wimbledon & Twickenham Bubble – 2nd December

Willow Staff Change – 30th November

Close Contact – 29th November 

Ambergate Parent Consultation – 27th November

Sandon Parent Consultation – 27th November

Headlice – 27th November

Headlice – 25th November 

Sandon Return to School Q & A – 20th November

Children in Need Sandon – 20th November

Christmas Card Project – 19th November

SKDC Colour Challenge – 11th November

Stamford Bridge & Silverstone Class Return to School Letter –
11th November

Hampden Class Rabbits Letter –
10th November

Sandon Closure Letter –
9th November

Sandon Home Learning Letter –
9th November

Stamford Bridge & Silverstone 3 day closure Letter –
8th November

Sandon 3 day closure Letter –
8th November

Covid Half Term Letter –
23rd October

Teacher Reports Letter –
22nd October

Sandon Physio Letter –
13th October

IEP Letter –
12th October

Parentmail Annual Consent Letter –
30th September

Ambergate Guinea Pigs –
22nd September

Welcome Back to Sandon –
18th September

Welcome Back to  Ambergate –
18th September

Parent Mail PMX – 15th September

Free School Meals – 15th September

Lincoln College Virtual Tour – 14th September

Revision Letter – 7th September

RSE Letter –
7th September

Return to School
Q & A –
4th September

Year 11 & Leavers Prom –
15th July

GANF September Return Ambergate – 15th July

GANF September Return Sandon – 15th July

GCSE Protocol –
8th July

Virtual Further Education Careers Fair – 2nd July

Headlice –
26th June

Post 16 Transport –
25th June

16 – 19 Bursary Fund –
25th June

Sandon New Starters –
23rd June

Sandon Implementation – 12th June

Year 11 Leavers –
11th June

Year 5 Transitions –
11th June

Welcome to GANF –
9th June

Transport Letter to Parent/Carers – 3rd June

6th Form Classes Confirmation – Horticulture – 2nd June