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Lower School

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The lower school curriculum at Ambergate consists of five classes ranging from year one to year seven. Parallel age classes work together on planning and assessing.

Classes are grouped as follows:



Trent Bridge



Leamington and Hampden



Oval and Wembley


Lower School English is structured to promote pupils of all abilities to build on the Early Learning Goals and to acquire the skills and knowledge across all the areas of the English National curriculum.

Objectives are age appropriate and taken from the National Curriculum and The EQUALS Schemes of Work, which provides support and guidance from the earliest developmental level. English teaching is partnered with Phonics, PECS, Intensive Interaction and Makaton, to support development in reading, writing and communication for all pupils.

Lower School English strives to inspire and inform pupils, providing them with the tools necessary to engage with the rest of the school curriculum and everyday life. English lessons and all corresponding activities, such as Phonics teaching, are part of the daily timetable for all pupils in Lower School.


All Lower School subjects are based on the National Curriculum and the Equals Schemes of work and include the following subjects Science, PSHE, Relationship Education, RSE, Computing, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, PE, Music, Religious Education and MFL. These Schemes of Work have been written by teachers who have expertise in Special Education working with pupils who are achieving within the eight levels of the P Scales, the first two levels of the national curriculum and across all four key stages. The Schemes of Work consist of exemplar teaching units that can be combined in different ways to address Special Education. The Schemes of Work illustrate the different ways in which teachers can develop Special Education learning opportunities to respond to the specific needs and priorities of the pupils, their communities and the schools themselves. It also builds on pupil’s experiences and earlier learning from the Foundation Stage. Lower school Art and Music are planned using Schemes of work taken from the Standards site and the National Curriculum.


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Reading at Ambergate


Within Lower School, pupils work on mathematical activities that are appropriate to their age and ability, with the aim of working towards greater independence to enable pupils to cope with the challenges of everyday life. The lower school mathematics curriculum is designed to be useful and fun packed with knowledge of the four main disciplines in mathematics taken from the National Curriculum: Using and Applying, Number, Data Handling and Shape, Space and Measures. Pupils receive daily maths lessons ranging from 45 minutes to one hour depending on their age.


At GANF there are a number of pupils who take part in an inclusion link. This enables our pupils to learn and socialise with age appropriate mainstream pupils, giving them the opportunity to work in a subject area they have a talent supporting them in achieving their potential.

Planning Grid

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