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At GANF we are committed to promoting education opportunities for all staff members.
As part of our pledge we have set up an Apprenticeship Scheme for Teaching Assistants. This exciting venture provides Apprentices with personalised in house training from specialist teaching staff. It is an opportunity for Apprentices to experience “real work” in a structured and supportive environment.

What’s in it for you?

You will be allocated to a specific class within GANF, at either Ambergate or Sandon, based on your experiences and aspirations.
You will complete a highly recognised Level 2 qualification, which will provide you with a Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. This will be done in collaboration with Grantham College.
You will be allocated an Assessor from Grantham College who will meet with you at school, to plan your learning and assessment.
You will be allocated a Mentor in school who will meet with you on a regular basis to ensure that you are progressing well and achieving.
You will attend and receive in-house training in many aspects of education to enable you to develop your skills and knowledge.
You will take part in the school performance monitoring process ensuring that your personal development and training needs are being met.

Is this the right career path for you?
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Please find below quotes from candidates who have already undertaken apprenticeships with GANF:

Meet Izzy…

“To sum up my time at Sandon school I would say it is amazing! I get along with everybody. When I first joined I was accepted into the team with open arms and didn’t once feel left out or unwelcome. Each day I learn something new and there is never a dull day! I love turning up to work each day and helping the children get the best out of their day.”

Meet Demi…

‘”I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at GANF so far, finding the experience working with children who have additional needs super rewarding and inspiring. The team at GANF are really friendly and supportive. I have had lots of opportunities to develop my knowledge and skills through training with GANF and I am currently working towards my L3 qualification, finding the apprenticeship framework really does work well for me. I have always wanted to work with children, and my time at GANF has confirmed this is the career path for me.”

Meet Jade…

“I am loving my time at Sandon. It has been a dream career since I was little to work with children with additional needs. I have felt my confidence grow each and every day. I am learning new skills all the time. Everyone is so very welcoming, very nice to work along side. As a school they believe in everyone to succeed and achieve their full potential. I have never been this happy in any employment. Working at Sandon has been so rewarding for me so far, building up relationships with the children is the best feeling in the world. I love coming to work every day, seeing the children smile, laugh and sing as they walk in. I know the team and the Senior Leadership Team are there if I need any support. The best journey I have taken and cant wait to see what else I can achieve during my apprenticeship.”

Meet Carole…

“I love doing my apprenticeship! Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. They all know it’s not easy being the newcomer. I come to work every day knowing that one of the children will do something amazing that puts a smile on my face and hoping that I can do something to make them smile too. The college work can be difficult at times but it teaches me new skills and improves my ways of working. The children are a never ending source of inspiration for me and they are the reason why I wouldn’t want to do any other type of work!”

Meet Nicole…

“I am adoring every single day at Sandon. Each day is challenging but also rewarding and I have noticed that my confidence has grown throughout the start of my apprenticeship. The staff at Sandon school are so welcoming and made me feel a part of the team straight away. This is such an amazing opportunity that I have taken in my life and I cannot wait to see where it leads me, I hope to stay on at Sandon after my apprenticeship to develop my skills. Working at Sandon has been so fulfilling. Making relationships with all the staff and children has been so remarkable. Just knowing that I could be helping a child achieve something within their time at Sandon makes me so delighted and fills me with pride.”

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