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Revising…some helpful information and advice

We have set out this page as a guide to help those embarking on revision programmes and for those who want to know about revising effectively.

The one important thing to remember is that without investment in quality revision hopes and dreams may not be realised




What do you want from a programme of revision?

A programme of revision should be designed to help you plan to consolidate what you already know, understand what you are able to do and, over time, plan ways of achieving the same for those areas you are not so certain about. As revision proceeds you should be able to condense your notes several times to eventually build up a skeleton of topics, subtopics and key words/areas which can then act as a quick reference for you. This means that every time you return to a topic (and certainly when you revise the day or night before your exam) you will have a quick reference of everything.


Support good revision and learning

You won’t learn much if you are stressed, angry, upset or tired. You will learn best when you are feeling happy and enthusiastic.

Get plenty of exercise. A healthy mind needs the oxygen provided by physical exercise as well as mental stimulation.

Exercise increases the intake of oxygen which the brain thrives on.

Eat sensibly, try to avoid lots of fatty foods and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Drink plenty of water. The brain needs to be hydrated. Try to avoid tea and coffee they have a high caffeine content and will dehydrate you.

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