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Christmas Jumper Day 2020 at GANF!

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Christmas Jumper Day 2020 at GANF!

Pupils and Staff at Sandon and Ambergate schools took part in the annual Christmas Jumper Day in aid of the ‘Save the Children’ Charity.

Everyone was looking forward to the day to come into school to show off their brightly coloured Christmas Jumpers.

DO YOU KNOW HOW JUMPERS CHANGE LIVES? Taken from the ‘Save the Children’ website:

Christmas is amazing because you can stop being such a grown-up and see the world like kids do. Even boring things turn into awesome things: like when a smelly old curtain turns into the best donkey the school has ever seen.

But the thing is, that magic is there all the time! You’ve just got to look harder people! Simple medicine saves lives; food helps kids grow up strong and smart; and books help kids see a whole new world. So that £2 donation might look like just £2. But it could warm some tummies, save some lives, and change the future. That’s big.

Here’s some amazing examples of what ‘Save the Children’ can do:

  • £2 could pay for hand sanitiser to help fight coronavirus in one of Save the Children’s medical clinics
  • £6 could buy a face shield for a superhero health worker in Yemen
  • £10 could buy antibiotics to help five children beat malnutrition
  • £20 could buy a back-to-school kit for a child in Indonesia
  • £60 could buy toys and books to support children from struggling families in the UK
  • £100 could buy a first aid kit for a health worker in Somalia

Thank you to everyone who supported this day, GANF staff and pupils raised £184.66 for the charity!


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