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Twickenham Bake Off!

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Twickenham Bake Off!

Ambergate Bake Off Winning Dish

Mr Newton’s, Miss Fardell and Miss Fidgeon’s Twickenham class took part in their own “Twickenham’s Great British Bake Off” as part of their enrichment lesson.

Pupils were allowed to pick a food course of their choice which resulted in some very good desserts and even a fantastic main meal.

All pupils worked brilliantly to support each other and produced some magnificent meals that impressed all staff members across the school.

We hope they all had a great experience!

Ambergate staff and pupil Ambergate Staff and Pupil Ambergate pupil eating the food they prepared Ambergate Pupil Preparing a Main Course Ambergate Pupil Using a Food Blender Ambergate Pupil with the cheesecake they had made Ambergate pupils preparing food Ambergate pupils preparing food Ambergate Pupils preparing food Ambergate Staff preparing food

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