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Carole’s Marathon for Sandon Pupils

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Carole’s Marathon for Sandon Pupils

Carole is a Teaching Assistant currently working at Sandon School. She joined Sandon in September 2020 after wanting to work at the school for a long time; she was thrilled when she finally got the position.

Carole had been running for a couple of years prior to her starting at Sandon and she reached the half marathon stage in March 2020, just before the first lockdown.

Carole continued to run for pleasure and exercise throughout the pandemic, buying a second-hand treadmill that she kept in her shed to train during periods of isolation.

Carole decided she wanted to try and do a full marathon and applied to run the mass event in London. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a spot, so running the virtual marathon was the next best thing. Doing this provided her with a great chance to fundraise for Sandon School and support all the amazing children and young people that attend.

Training hasn’t been easy for Carole. She had COVID in February of this year which set her back a bit but she was back to her usual standard by May, when her official marathon training started. Carole followed the London Marathon beginners training plan for 5 months, training on her own in all weathers. She almost didn’t do the marathon after getting injured on an 18-mile run in early September but fortunately a physiotherapist got her back on track.

On Sunday 3rd of October Carole ran the Virtual London Marathon genuinely not knowing if she would finish it when she started out. She left her house at half past 7 in the morning and did various routes around Grantham.

Carole completed the marathon in 5 hours 50 minutes. The weather was perfect for a change and she said it was great to see a few other people out around town also running the marathon.

Carole’s husband and son met her at various points along the route to spur her on and keep her going and she had plenty of online support from friends and family.

Carole said, “I’m so proud that I completed it and can’t wait for my finishers t-shirt and medal to arrive in the post. I’m thrilled that my fundraiser for Sandon School has at the time of writing this, raised £470. My target amount has been more than doubled and I cannot thank everyone enough who donated.”

There is still time to support Carole. If you would like to donate please use this link

On behalf of all the staff and pupils at GANF we wish Carole a huge congratulations and a massive thank you!!

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