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Work Place Visit to South Witham Marshes, Hill Holt

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Work Place Visit to South Witham Marshes, Hill Holt

On the 23rd March 2023 pupils From Ambergate Sports College took part in a visit to South Witham Marshes to help in a conservation programme organised by Hill Holt Wood.

We were greeted at the entrance of the marshes by a couple of leaders. The pupils were shown a map of the area and listened to a presentation about the marshes to understand why replenishing the marshes is so important and how it impacts on the environment and the wildlife.

It was then the pupils turn to get involved! They enjoyed learning to and actually measuring the height of trees using a Clinometer. They then identified the trees using leaf shape and bark colour as clues. The pupils were intrigued with the Pooter, being able to suck up bugs and then examine them more closely. It was not everyone’s cup of tea!

The pupils felt really proud to receive their Rural Skills Certificate, Introduction to Ecological Survey – Woodland.

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